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Director (EU), Material Stewardship

Aurelio Braconi

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Based in Europe

Aurelio Braconi monitors and analyzes EU legislation in the field of health, environment and sustainability. Aurelio leads the Material Stewardship team in Europe, developing advocacy strategies to promote copper’s role in the green transition. 

Aurelio appreciates the opportunity to work on complex and interdisciplinary projects, such as recent developments in the EU on the circular economy and industrial ecosystems. In previous roles, Aurelio brought expertise from his PhD in Structural Engineering and his MBA to achieve numerous advocacy goals for raw materials and the steel industry’s role in the circular economy. He also cohesively managed several research consortiums for a steel company. 

When not in the office, Aurelio is an avid reader of geopolitical and human sciences. He is also a sports enthusiast and enjoys cooking in his free time. 

“By analyzing legislation holistically, we can solve complex problems with multi-faceted solutions.” 

ICA has a committed team of global advocates, scientists and market experts who advise policymakers and the value chain on key issues for the copper industry.

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