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For a “Fit for 55” EPBD Recast Trilogue

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Recommendations for the Trilogue on the Recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

We call on co-legislators to particularly support following considerations included into the European Parliament’s position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) adopted on 14th March 2023:

  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) must be aligned with the fit for 55 objectives. We consider that the European Parliament position is a well-balanced compromise combining a clear investment framework with a sufficient level of exemption and the right attention to social protection. This level of ambition is a minimum to secure the contribution of buildings to EU’s carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and renewable energy objectives.
  • We support the Parliament proposals to consider electrical installations as Technical Building Systems in Art 2 and related provisions ensuring their energy efficiency, safety and readiness for energy transition, and adequate information to consumers. Electrical installations play a critical role in the energy performance of buildings, enabling the efficient consumption of electricity and production of renewable energy and storage as well as facilitating system integration.
  • We support the Parliament position on Art 12 securing pre-cabling for all types of buildings during construction or major renovation for seamless installation of re-charging points at later stage.
  • We support the Parliament references to heat recovery and urge to consistently complement Annex I to address the untapped energy saving potential of wastewater heat recovery of domestic hot water systems.
  • We support the inclusion of the benefits from reuse and recycling at the end-of-life into the definition of “whole life-cycle greenhouse gas emissionsin Art 2.

Read the full For a “Fit for 55” EPBD Recast Trilogue paper

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